August 11, 2010

Flowers Must Die releases there new album, this time a double-vinyl.
A collab release by rev/vega rec. & Kommun 2.



A great review of the latest FMD vinyl at Terrascope.

Finally the new vinyl is out! Loaded with improvised heavy psych-folk-jam-space-blues.


Flowers Must Die – 12″ vinyl, 3 songs of psych, space, proggrock!

order it for only 15€ with postage or 150 skr [paypal –]

finally out!!!

a fully loaded 2cd with 24 artists, all of them have or have got some connection to the county of Östergötland/Sweden, all nicely packaged in a digipack designed by the artduo Bildfobi.

order it now for only 14 € or 120 kr [paypal –]

buy it at:

Passagen konsthall / Linköping

Skivlagret / Linköping

Rundgång / Malmö

Malmö Konsthall / Malmö

Galleri Krets / Malmö

Martin Bryder Gallery / Lund

Fylkingen / Stockholm

Larry´s Corner / Stockholm

Release The Bats / Göteborg

revieuws/articles [swedish]


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