record label which started in Linköping/Sweden by 2002, when I released my friends band Daydream Valley´s great double A-side 7″.
apart from that shoegaze influenced band, most of my releases are in the range of experimental music such as drone-noise-kraut and freakrock.
so far all releases have some connection to the county of Östergötland where I was born. but now Im based in the southern parts of Sweden; in the town called Malmö!

have made releases both on vinyl, cd, tapes and cdr. soon Im about to do the last cdr release and concentrating on vinyl and tapes.

I will not say no to demos but so far all of the releases are with friends or myself!

listen to stuff at

and check out the back catalouge and do some ordering!!!


One Response to “About”

  1. Anders said

    Hej Rev/Vega!

    Skull vilja beställa din dubbel cd från Östergötland,
    men kan dessvärre inte hitta hur..

    Hör av dig!


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